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Author Topic: ***SOLD*** - Brand new sissy bar / rack / backrest pad from 2016 Chieftain  (Read 271 times)

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$600 - Brand new sissy bar / rack / backrest pad from 2016 Chieftain

I have 2 sissy bars/racks and backrest pads. My intent was to cut off one of sissy bars to the rack level and mount a trunk on it. Long story short, after riding to/from Americade (and Plattsburg/Whiteface), my wife likes the look and feel of the trunk on the rack I purchased from a Roadmaster instead so, I am selling the brand new, never used or ridden, sissy bar, rack and backrest pad that was removed from a new 2016 Chieftain.

Pictures can be seen here:
Chieftain sissybar-rack - Google Drive

Pictures 3-8 are of the actual setup that is being sold. The picture with the yard stick is measured from the floor to the top of the sissy bar pad.

The other pictures show the used sissy bar/rack/pad (used 5 times) and the trunk setup my wife prefers.

Buyer to pay shipping cost or, obviously, can pick it up...


Quick release sissy bar - $449.99
Quick Release Passenger Sissy Bar - Chrome | Indian Motorcycle

Sissy bar luggage rack - $249.99
Pinnacle Sissy Bar Luggage Rack - Chrome | Indian Motorcycle

Sissy bar backrest pad - $199.99
Genuine Leather Passenger Backrest Pad - Black | Indian Motorcycle

Total - $899.97

More Information
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